Down the Rabbit-hole: Girlhood, #metoo, and the Culture of Blame

  • Shari Savage The Ohio State University


Using narrative inquiry as a methodological tool, I explore how the culture of blame works to contextualize and sexualize girlhood. I dismantle the historical justifications behind Lewis Carroll’s controversial relationships with girls and discuss current socio-political movements like #metoo in relation to female agency. The following research story aims to do two things: revel in the rabbit-hole that is research and also allow an accessible examination of how socio-cultural movements and shifting ideologies can bring new questions when analyzing data. By telling my research story, I shed light on how social discourse is always evolving and significantly impacted by the socio-cultural spaces we inhabit. Through narrative inquiry, I hope to encourage readers to challenge the ways in which girls are silenced and blamed by those who contextualize, historicize, or justify their sexualization.