Art Practice as Research: A Global Perspective

  • Judith A. Briggs Illinois State University
  • Nicole DeLosa Hornsby Girls’ High School


This case study explored how seven New South Wales (NSW) tenth grade students, following their art teacher’s prompts, engaged in art practice as research. They analyzed their creative process, researched artists’ forms and concepts, and conceptualized ideas to make critical interdisciplinary connections. They linked this research to their own knowledge and experiences to create and reflect upon artworks that had personal meaning and led to personal discoveries. Students used visual arts process diaries as research texts to record and communicate in both written and visual forms, revisit and plan ideas, reflect, and come to new conclusions. Students employed NSW Syllabi language as a metacognitive tool to recognize their approaches to research and art making. Students made metaphorical and symbolic connections, engaged in social critique, asked questions, and told their stories in this learning process.