Vol 35 (2018)

Borderless: Global Narratives in Art Education

Who are we in relationship to other cultures and countries? What issues in art education are potent across the world? How can art educators address issues and teach with a narrative of “being global?” This issue’s theme, Borderless: Global Narratives in Art Education, challenges us to look outward as we reflect inward. When facing global issues and divisions on top of contestation about worldviews and ontological discourses, we are challenged to reflect on our established views about and beyond local or regional history and knowledge. In this volume, art educators share their critical and theoretical explorations and responses as global educators.

Table of Contents


Borderless: Global Narratives in Art Education PDF
Ryan Shin, Karen Hutzel


Global Consciousness in Art Education: Utility and Problematics of Curriculum Development within a Critical Postmodern Relational Praxis PDF
Gloria J. Wilson
An Indigenous Reframing of Art Education Historical Research: Acknowledging Native American Spiritual Values PDF
Laurie Eldridge
K-Pop and Critical Multicultural Art Education PDF
Hannah Kim Sions
Dis/locating Comfort Women Statues: Reflections on Colonialism and Implications for Global Art Education PDF
Hyunji Kwon
Down the Rabbit-hole: Girlhood, #metoo, and the Culture of Blame PDF
Shari Savage
From Cultural Tolerance to Mutual Cultural Respect: An Asian Artist’s Perspective on Virtual World Cultural Appropriation PDF
Sandrine Han
Educating Diversely: The Artist Talk Platform PDF
Arianna Garcia-Fialdini
Teach Me Your Arctic: Place-Based Intercultural Approaches in Art Education PDF
Elina Härkönen
Enabling the ‘Other Community’ through Creative Pedagogies for Urban Renewal: Exploring the Affiliation Between Contemporary Art Practices and Democratic Values PDF
Esther Sayers
Art Practice as Research: A Global Perspective PDF
Judith A. Briggs, Nicole DeLosa
To Know or to Understand One Another: Developing New Identities Through International Teaching PDF
Amanda E. Barbee
Art as a Global Necessity: MoMA’s International Children’s Art Carnival as a Catalyst for Globalization PDF
Sara Torres Vega
Disrupting the Colonial Globe and Engaging in Border Thinking: An Art Educator’s Critical Analysis and Reflection on (de)Colonial Discourses in Global Art Narratives PDF
Injeong Yoon
Global Narratives of Refugee Youth: Examining the Interwoven Strands of an Interdisciplinary Arts Process PDF
Kate Collins
Facilitating Productive Encounters with Difference: A Visual Essay PDF
Becky Shipe
Complete Volume 35 PDF
Volume 35